DevOps for your Team.

Launching DevOps as a Service

Jonas Chevalier


Whenever a team needs DevOps expertise, they have multiple routes available. Hire a new team member; for small groups, this might be too much. Find a consultant; this takes time to set up, sending a few emails back and forth, negotiate the pricing and sign a contract. Or go to free forums on the Internet and hope that somebody is willing to help out.

Having worked with different companies, most of them startups, I think there is another better option; a subscription system. This allows founders to have a predictable cost, focus on building their product, and augment their team without hiring anybody.

And I have put together an initial offering at

Augment your team

Depending on the plan that you select, you will get access to different levels of expertise.

Each plan can freely be upgraded/downgraded and canceled at any time.

How it works

Once subscribed, I will contact you to set up a shared Slack channel. Our goal is to develop a relationship and have conversations. There is also a dashboard and ticketing system to use for tasks that are bigger than quick questions.

This will give you access to Numtide's combined knowledge today, which spans most cloud providers, DevOps toolings, and common programming languages out there. We strive to answer every question within 24h during the week.

Since this is a brand new service, we will be working together to improve the process and find what works best for you. On our side we will be flexible, for example if the number of hours one month are a bit higher. And if you don't like the service, I will refund 100% of the first month.

Join the conversation

If that sounds interesting to you, head over to this page to subscribe:

If you have questions, reach out using the live chat on the side, by DM or email.

There is limited space available, and the prices will grow once we reach 50% capacity.