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What is Nix?

Nix is a build system that is fundamentally different than other tools out there. By installing each package into a unique prefix, it brings new properties such as better build reproducibility and composition of software.

What is Nix good for?

Here are a few use-cases where Nix shines:

Development environments

When building software products, it is quite common to depend on Open Source dependencies to accelerate the development. Nix can help you manage mulit-language monorepos.

Custom deployments

Due to the flexible nature of Nix, it is well adapted to the custom needs of companies.

Who have you worked with?

Giving back to the community

The Nix ecosystem has a rich ecosystem of passionate and talented contributors that help maintain the build infrastructure and more than 30000 nix packages. We believe that commercial entities should help to nurture this however we can.

Ongoing contributions

Past contributions


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