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Get your code deployed

Our mission is to take care of your DevOps, so your team can focus on building the best product.

Our services


Get reproducible developer environments.

We use Nix to create environments that work the same across machines and CI.


Get your application deployed.

We build infrastructures on-premise or in the cloud, with NixOS, Terraform, and Kubernetes as needed.


Get your infrastructure maintained.

We have 20 years of experience that help your application up and running.

Open Source

Get premium support on NixOS and all the projects that we maintain.

We live and breathe Open Source.

Have something else in mind? We’re happy to chat with you and direct you in the right direction.

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Our team is composed of independent contractors that work together, remotely.

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treefmt v0.5.0
Jonas Chevalier
December 2, 2022
Cross compiling and deploying NixOS
Engineering notesNix
Jörg Thalheim
November 27, 2022
Extending nsncd with host lookup support
Engineering notesNix
Florian Klink
November 18, 2022

What our clients are saying


Q: “What would you have changed working with them if you could go back in time?” A: “I would have employed them more”
Zsolt Szende
Numtide helped teach us how to profile kernel locking issues, which none of us had any deep experience with. We'd be happy to use them again, no matter how low- or high-level the issue.
Sarah Brofeldt (srhb)
After 2 weeks they set up a scalable & future proof infrastructure that is easy to maintain and develop. At the same time they setup a CI/CD workflow that has allowed all our developers to focus on what they do best: write code. The people at Numtide are very humble and honest - the ideal support for a startup.
Ronald Smith
Numtide helped Scarf upgrade its live production infrastructure from a quickly hacked together deployment to a globally-available system that is well architected, built with state-of-the-art technology, and can scale with us long term.
Avi Press

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