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todomvc-nix: One-Stop Solution for Developing Projects Using Nix

Real-world project usage of Nix for various languages

Andika Demas Riyandi

Nixpkgs-fmt: Road to Everybody Nixpkgs Formatter

written by Andika Demas Riyandi on 2020-09-02


written by Dragan Milic, Jonas Chevalier on 2020-08-25

rnix-hashes 0.2.0

written by Jonas Chevalier on 2020-07-26

What we do

Build cloud infrastructures

Do you need a cloud infrastructure to deploy your application?

We build solutions that are maintainable by your developer team. Our philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible and express it as code.

With that approach, we help startups to be able to focus on their product. Grow their infrastructure as needed, and be ready for acquisition when the time comes.

Build developer environments

A common issue for developers is for their development environment to get out of sync. This is especially true for projects that use more than one programming language. When that happens, it leads to a loss of time trying to figure out why the code works on the developer's machine only.

Make your developers more productive with reproducible development environments.

Address hard problems

As developers ourselves, we are able to, and enjoy, building new and original solutions to problems. Tackling scaling issues. Tracking down obscure bugs.


We also contribute back to the Open Source community:

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