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We provide commercial support for open-source projects such as Nix, NixOS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Bare-metal, on-premise and in cloud, ...

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SrvOS is a collection of NixOS modules that are optimized for servers.


A collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for the Ethereum ecosystem.
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Solve your business problems faster with our custom-built software solutions.
Reproducibly deploy your application with our expert team. Focus on growing your business while we ensure your infrastructure is reliable and efficient.
Maximize your infrastructure uptime with our expert support team. Let us handle your infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.
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Open Source
Get the most out of your open source projects with our premium support. We'll help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on your project.

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As a small DevOps group trying to do ambitious things to support a rapidly growing company in an exploding industry, it's been so valuable having Numtide's people on our team. They have been exposed to different organizations of different sizes and have seen what tools and workflows work out. They’re very pragmatic too. They can advise: “Here's the fix you can do today that will improve things. And here's the six-month plan to improve things”. All of that is just extraordinarily valuable.
Mike Purvis
Mike Purvis Staff Engineer at OTTO Motors
Q: “What would you have changed working with them if you could go back in time?” A: “I would have employed them more”
Zsolt Szende
Zsolt Szende VP of Engineering at Artificial
Numtide helped Scarf upgrade its live production infrastructure from a quickly hacked together deployment to a globally-available system that is well architected, built with state-of-the-art technology, and can scale with us long term.
Avi Press
Avi Press CEO of Scarf
Numtide helped teach us how to profile kernel locking issues, which none of us had any deep experience with. We'd be happy to use them again, no matter how low- or high-level the issue.
Sarah Brofeldt (srhb)
Sarah Brofeldt (srhb) from DBC Digital A/S
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Nix, Docker - or both?

"It worked on my machine!" Most of us who've worked in IT for any length of time have heard this complaint. You develop your software, you test it exhaustively. It looks great. Then you deploy it into production and it crashes. And the blame game starts.

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